"A Game-Changer in the sourcing of corporate housing. The platform is thoughtfully designed as a multi-functional resource. It offers transparency, responsiveness and ease of use to relocation management companies, corporate housing providers and corporate clients alike."
Ryan Agee, Vice President of Global Supplier Partnerships
Altair Global
"Decisions need to be made quickly; with ReloQuest we have the ability to consolidate information from multiple global suppliers in a standardized, easy to sort and read format. The supplier feedback feature will allow our LexNet suppliers to better target options for cost, distance, quality, etc. We are helping to make them better in their service to our customers!"
Craig Donovan, Sr. Vice President, Global Network Integration at Lexicon Relocation
Lexicon Relocation
"We are impressed with the comprehensive platform and how it has significantly reduced our workload of sourcing criteria specific housing solutions for our customers. Initial communications with our supply partner network have been reduced by almost 80%. Additionally, utilizing ReloQuest has enabled our team to instantly package and share housing options with our customers in a consistently formatted manner with a click of the mouse. The time savings our Consultants experience allows them to dedicate additional attention to other aspects of their customer’s needs.

From a back-office standpoint, ReloQuest has provided the ability to view unbiased bids, in an easily readable format, which allows us to evaluate the strength of each of our supply partners. From product to price point, the data we’re provided allows us to easily identify which supply partners have core inventory available, based on properties provided; this visibility has yielded cost savings opportunities for our clients – sometimes $20-$30 per night - without impacting other key criteria.

Overall, we are very pleased with the results we’ve experienced utilizing the ReloQuest platform. It has provided us the ability to bolster the unique and customized solutions we offer our clients."
Chris Cicen, CRP, GMS, VP of Mobility Operations
Odyssey Relocation
"Upon hearing about ReloQuest we were intrigued with the innovative concept and although we are early in the game, we are excited about the anticipated value and cost savings this will bring to our clients."
Jeff Walker, CEO/President
Corporate Relocation International
"We are excited to partner with ReloQuest. The platform drives efficiency which will translate into cost savings. Among numerous benefits, the software transparency and real-time data capabilities will empower us to work strategically allowing Bristol to target options that meet our customers’ changing needs."
Paul Elvin, Director of Global Supply Chain
Bristol Global Mobility
"One of the benefits of ReloQuest is that it has opened up our supplier network so that we can source from a variety of suppliers, and assists in finding locations where suppliers have their own inventory."
Brad D. Bianucci, CRP/Supplier Relations Manager
TRC Global Mobility
"My team and I are pleased with the ease of use, and reduction of workload. ReloQuest has improved productivity at Versa and provided cost savings to our clients. When I am not in the office, ReloQuest allows me to access reports, real-time data and track current requests from any location so I can support our team. The direct relationship with suppliers and transparency that ReloQuest™ brings is another valued benefit."
Kathleen Baker, Director of Relocation Services
Versa Relocation
"ReloQuest is a disruptive technology, providing simplicity and cost savings to the procurement of furnished temporary housing. We are excited to be an early adopter of this groundbreaking technology, recognizing the tremendous impact it will have on both service levels, and the overall reduction of cost for our clients’ mobility programs."
Brad Hamelin, Director of Global Solutions
Relocation America International
"ReloQuest is one of those ideas that makes you think 'why didn’t I think of that' and 'this is going to be a game-changer'. We adopted ReloQuest in the UK very soon after its launch knowing ReloQuest would deliver even more value and choice to our clients. The simplicity of the platform when coupled with our approved Serviced Accommodation operator network makes it one of the most powerful tools in our client accommodation service portfolio, and it has allowed us to hone our service efficiency. However, I am conflicted; on the one-hand, it is a brilliant system managed by a very good team and I really should recommend it. On the other hand, I don’t want any competitors to know the secret of why our Serviced Accommodation service is so outstanding and such amazing value! "
Adrian Leach, Owner & Director
HCR Group
"Plus Relocation is excited to be partnering with ReloQuest to enhance our temporary housing solutions for our clients and their relocating employees. They are thoughtful partners who truly listen to make this a mutually beneficial partnership. We were able to collaborate to ensure that ReloQuest met our data security requirements. I am impressed with their business model, their people and their commitment to excellence."
Tracey Gatlin, CRP, Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Plus Relocation, LLC.


"ReloQuest has proven to be a valuable tool for our team at Furnished Quarters. RQ has allowed us access to clients we were not previously servicing. For some of our current clients who have recently signed on with RQ, Furnished Quarters is receiving more bookings than we were before RQ. Darin and the RQ team are great to work with and we look forward to continuing to grow our mutually beneficial relationship."
Craig Partin, CRP, GMS, CCHP, Chief Sales Officer
Furnished Quarters, New York City
"After spending the better part of September visiting our offices both Domestically and Internationally, I wanted to share some feedback on ReloQuest™. First and foremost, a technology tool that is truly unbiased and sources purely in the best interest of the guest is long overdue and very refreshing for the industry. Our associates all commented on the ease of use and the user interfaces, from a customer perspective, are absolutely “World Class.” It’s obvious that the tool was created from an industry veteran. Once again, congratulations! We look forward to using the tool in the years to come."
Henry Luebbert, Partner
Synergy Corporate Housing
"Gables has been using ReloQuest™ for business with a relocation client for several months, and the process has been one of the best we have experienced. The team at ReloQuest™ provided us with excellent customer service and has been eager to provide an immediate response to our questions. The system itself is user-friendly and easy to use. The dashboard makes it simple to track current bids. I highly recommend any relocation company looking for a solution to corporate housing sourcing should look into ReloQuest™!"
Pam Wade, Vice President, CCHP
Gables Corporate Accommodations
"I have to tell you, I really enjoy working with everyone at ReloQuest. Your responsiveness is exceptional and although BridgeStreet is supplier you make me feel like we are just as important as your RMC/Corporate Clients. Thank you!!!"
Paula Holloway, CRP, GMS - Director, Global Relocation Accounts
Bridgestreet Global Hospitality
"ReloQuest™ has brought a level of simplicity and objectivity to the sourcing of temporary housing not yet seen in the industry. Relocation management companies and corporations will no longer be required to dedicate considerable resources to find and manage local housing expertise. ReloQuest™ has effectively blended cutting edge technology with service and industry standards to provide a platform that will allow consumers to access the best housing providers in the industry while enjoying the benefits of a single point of contact."
Chris Fleming, CEO
Compass Furnished Apartments
"Opportunity to report and learn the reasons for declined orders is helpful, the functionality is extremely user friendly, and ReloQuest™ creates a shared economy and allows housing providers to expand their client base through the platform."
Chris Barnett, Global Market Development
Amber Lodging Company
"We love the transparency it has created! It is great having the direct interaction with the client. This allows for us to give a real time response when the client has a question about an option. In other platforms, the added layer would sometimes inhibit us from being able to book options as quickly as possible. With community occupancy at an all-time high this is a huge increase to capturing real time information/availability. Ease of system: User friendly, Mapping options to location is a huge time saver. Reporting capabilities are awesome. Love the Win/Loss Smart Logic℠. As a supplier we always struggled with “why are we losing opportunities” this feature in real time has been huge for us in being able to make strategic adjustments in our process that will help us assist clients with future bookings. It is an incredible step in the right direction for clients and providers. The entire process has been a breath of fresh air and something we feel our industry needed. It is encouraging to see the continued forward thinking from Darin and the ReloQuest™ team."
Robbye Carver, GMS Vice President of Client Services
CWS Corporate Housing
"We’ve found ReloQuest™ to be an extremely user-friendly system; working with it on a daily basis is manageable and efficient, which makes us happy here at Switchplace. Like any new system, there are always kinks that need to be worked out, but the ReloQuest™ team is quick to respond to any concerns or glitches we experience, getting them fixed right away. Moreover, ReloQuest™ helps to enhance the guest experience, offering the guest the ability to actually see profiles of each option offered. In all, Switchplace is very happy with the system, and we love working with the ReloQuest™ team."
Andrew Cramer, Client Operations Manager
"I am loving ReloQuest™! The transparency throughout the entire bidding process is excellent and I feel it has contributed to more business for our company that we would not have otherwise received. I also appreciate your desire to improve the platform based on user feedback. The last update you did was very helpful! Keep it coming!"
Westbrook Walendzi, Inside Sales Manager
V-Suites a division of Village Green Holding, LLC
"To speak on behalf of the team, everyone has got up to speed quickly with the software and it is fast becoming a preferred portal! There have been little to no issues with the software – even in its infancy stages! I particularly love the Supplier Administrator Portal for the report data and statistics; this transparency is very unique and invaluable to our success as a preferred corporate housing provider. The software overall has a very user friendly interface but packed full of useful and informative options. Upon the initial set up, the ReloQuest™ team provided a thorough training webinar and remained in close communication with my team throughout the launch. Our team felt very supported and eager to work their requests through this portal!"
Amy Ryder, National Sales Support Manager
"ReloQuest™ is changing the landscape of temporary housing and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the process. We have been working with ReloQuest™ for over 3 months now and we have found not only the new bidding platform to be easy, but working with the ReloQuest™ team has been a pleasure. Since the initial introduction the team has been very involved in training us, and listening to feedback. The platform is extremely easy to use, and we feel that the transparency to the client will help us gain more business. It is our goal to partner with ReloQuest™ and expand our client base!"
Bonnie Sicora, Director of Client Services / Key Strategic Accounts Team
Kimberly Schimenek, Senior Vice President / Key Strategic Accounts Team
Korman Communities
"ReloQuest™ has created a technologically innovative sourcing solution that delivers unbiased bid results in an extremely efficient and timely manner. We at Blvd Suites are excited about the game changing benefits that this software delivers, and look forward to leveraging this value on behalf of our current and future customers."
Jeff Hurley, Founding Partner
Blvd Suites
"We are simply amazed by the innovative approach that ReloQuest™ has created in this supplier platform. To our personal opinion it is the best platform we have seen designed that truly provides a two-way insight and communication. In addition to offering a direct communication with prospective clients, saving an amount of time and better understanding their needs, it offers a great benefit feature to providers, which is feedback. As a provider, this is a gem!

In summary, ReloQuest™ platform indeed reflects the knowledge of this business and greatly considered all partners involved in the process of designing it! We look forward in expanding as a business and learning along the way!"
Fauzia Haun, General Manager
FH-Signature, Germany
"As a supplier, ReloQuest makes it easy for us to get broad exposure to relocation management companies looking for unique home options different from the standard cookie-cutter corporate housing suppliers that are the majority of the market. Reloquest has created a much-needed marketplace that moves the industry forward by pushing corporate housing suppliers to be nimbler and more transparent, thereby making the process more efficient and cost-effective for relocation management companies and their clients."
Karolis Karalevicius, Business Development
Zeus Living
"With 12 years previous experience in the relocation industry, I can attest to how difficult it could be to find reliable partners and ensure we had enough information to guarantee the options we received were suitable for our clients. Now, as the owner of North Star Corporate Housing, we face a different challenge: making sure that our business is properly represented in the competetive temporary housing marketplace.

ReloQuest's innovative, simple-to-use interface allows suppliers to showcase their core inventory to a wider audience. Meanwhile potential clients have access to a wealth of options offered in great detail, allowing them to make a better informed decision regarding which option is best for their client. Both parties can also rest easy knowing that all users have been carefully vetted."
Sheila Weaver Chan, CEO
North Star Corporate Housing