ReloQuest™ is a seamless Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that provides you with one central place to manage all request related activities for temporary housing. This means you will spend less time on administration and more time on growing your business improving your overall performance.


Today's demand on the progress of technology and specifically self service platforms for Temporary Housing is now at your finger tips. The Professional platform at a minimum, offers a simple, effective, on-line solution that removes the need for telephone conversations and an abundance of emails.

If you are looking for more of the hands on approach and day to day intricate parts of the reservation process including supplier vetting and management, this platform may be the perfect fit for you. The Professional platform grants access to all of the programs features and controls. Managing requests, users, client work-flows, supplier areas of coverage and much more is extremely simple and intuitive.

PROFESSIONAL Plus (Fully Managed)

Professional Plus enables a Relocation Management Company or Corporate Client to select their preferred temporary housing provider as the administrator. Temporary Housing providers now have a global sourcing tool of their own to expand their client base as well. Clients will still have real time access to ReloQuest™ and it's reporting features while maintaining their existing supply chain.

With Professional Plus you can select your own administrator to source and manage the entire process of sourcing temporary housing through ReloQuest™. The Professional Plus platform offers flexibility and complete transparency between the client and administrator. Clients can still select their own supply chain and choose additional suppliers to add to the global supplier network at any point in time.

The Professional Plus platform allows the administrator the handle monitoring all notices to vacate or extensions, keeping the clients reservation data up to date at all times. Another key benefit of this platform is that it allows your administrator to streamline and consolidate data from all your suppliers in one place.

Professional Plus is an example how ReloQuest™ will continue to produce the world's most advanced state of the art sourcing platform for all parties to benefit from.

The software will source availability and quickly evaluate multiple options on behalf of your counselors and create the most efficient, seamless and automated workflow processes. Choose a service model that works best for you. Regardless of which one you select you’ll have access to all new version updates.