ReloQuest™ services provide an independent Cloud-based sourcing platform for the Temporary Housing and Serviced Apartment Industry that offers real-time, unbiased options. ReloQuest offers suppliers the ability to become educated and more competitive in the marketplace while at the same time ReloQuest significantly reduces the cost to the client.The universal ReloQuest platform integrates Clients, Suppliers, and Guests throughout the process of their accommodation.


Choose Your Network of Suppliers

Enter Requests

Review and Send Options to Guest

Award a Winner!


Create Client Profiles

We understand that not every client works the same way. ReloQuest™ provides flexibility by allowing you to create different Profiles and workflows for each of your clients' needs. ReloQuest™ even allows you to select suppliers that were client directed.

Enter a Request

ReloQuest™ is extremely intuitive. In fact, training anyone to use the software and enter requests into the system will only take a few minutes. Once a request is entered into the system, the system will automate the entire process, including allowing you to share options seamlessly and interact with your clients, guests and suppliers. Don’t worry about duplicate entries. With ReloQuest™ we offer an API solution that feeds data back and forth between you and your internal software.

Organized Options

Finally, no more Excel spreadsheets or compiling of emails in different inconsistent formats. ReloQuest™ gets rid of the need to work with antiquated ways of doing business. Why not see transparent, consistent, comparable options in one place? ReloQuest™ will sort the options based on Guest Priorities℠ with a click of the button. ReloQuest™ allows you to expand your network of suppliers, creating a more competitive market place. With ReloQuest™ you can manage hundreds of suppliers like you manage one. Increasing your network doesn’t have to be a burden with ReloQuest™. Your clients will thank you for providing better options at the most competitive rates.


We understand that data can be the most valuable aspect of a client's business. ReloQuest™ tracks everything entered into the system and provides you with the most comprehensive reports. What could your sales people do with this information? What could you do with the most up-to-date, real-time information? How could you better manage your supply chain network?

  • Reservation
  • Budget Analysis
  • Length of stay
  • Average Daily rates
  • Supplier Performance


Multiple Options

Email Notifications

Win/Loss Logic℠



Client Needs

  • Global Housing Options
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Best Options
  • Seamless Process
  • Client Savings
  • Submit Service Issues

Consultant Needs

  • Reduce Workload
  • Increase Speed of Sourcing
  • Quick and Simple Evaluation of Options (ranked recommendations)
  • Communicate Clearly With Your Clients
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Manage Notice to Vacate
  • Share Options With Guest and/or Client
  • Simple Comparison View of Option (display)
  • Creates Consistency

Management Needs

  • API Data Feed (No Dual Entry)
  • Custom Reporting
  • Management of Teams and Client Requests
  • Global Supplier Network – Access, Create, or Vet
  • Unique Client Profile Workflows
  • Survey Feedback


"A game-changer in the sourcing of corporate housing"
Ryan Agee, Vice President of Global Supplier Partnerships
Altair Global


Finally, Suppliers can GET DISCOVERED by new Clients who need inventory in their marketplaces. ReloQuest’s platform also creates an instant resource guide for clients and suppliers to connect with each other directly. Now clients can send requests and suppliers can send options via the cloud. No more clunky email correspondence and spreadsheets. ReloQuest™ solves the problems for both requestors and suppliers, making everyone’s life efficient, saving everyone time and money. ReloQuest™ provides requestors, suppliers, and guests the ability to communicate effortlessly.


Communicate directly with the clients submitting requests for temporary housing via the cloud without an intermediary. ReloQuest™ does not require you to disclose how many units you have in inventory. It’s simply a bidding platform that allows the suppliers to respond with options once a request has been submitted.


You are in control of your own destiny, the way it should be. ReloQuest™ is the only independent, transparent, and unbiased, Cloud-based bidding software in the Temporary Housing Industry. ReloQuest™ is the only solution that compares options for the client and guests instantly without bias based on Guest Priorities℠ and Guest Preferences℠ submitted on each request. Suppliers can offer as many options as they would like within the specified timeframes of each request to give them the optimal chance of securing business.


  • Access to Global Clients- Get Discovered
  • SMART Logic℠ - Win/Loss Logic℠ Feedbackunderstand why your option may have not been selected
  • Add or Create as many Areas of Coverage
  • SMART Reports- Manage your team's and client performance
  • Automated Features- Mapping from Properties to Guest-desired locations
  • Add as many photos of properties as you like
  • Provide specific photos per option
  • Seamless Communication with Client and Guest
  • Consistent property profiles (even when partnering)

ReloQuest is elevating Client vetted Suppliers by implementing the ReloQuest Verification. This will enable ReloQuest Clients to search with confidence and view those Suppliers that have taken the extra step. WOW Clients by having the stamp of approval by being a ReloQuest Verified Supplier

  • Global ReloQuest Clients have visibility to ReloQuest Verified Suppliers
  • Client ability to search by Verified Suppliers
  • Verified Supplier featured on ReloQuest website
  • Verified icon displays on each option submitted to global Clients
  • Use of ReloQuest Verified Logo
  • Standard Supplier profile on ReloQuest platform

STAND OUT... Upgrade to PREMIUM!

Upgrade your standard profile to a STAND OUT premium profile and receive a landing page that you can customize and showcase your company to ReloQuest’s Clients. WOW Clients by having:

  • API access
  • Customized photo galleries
  • Display featured properties
  • Promote your areas of coverage
  • Showcase your team and share events
  • Your company logo on ReloQuest.com
  • Clickable logo to your Premium Profile


"A technology tool that is truly unbiased and sources purely in the best interest of the guest is long overdue and very refreshing for the industry"
Henry Luebbert, Partner
Synergy Corporate Housing


We understand that people are constantly on the move and want various devices to communicate. After all, it’s important to our society to continue to provide self-service platforms. That’s why anyone can use ReloQuest™ from any device, anywhere they travel.

  • Enter Requests
  • Review Options
  • Select Choices
  • Submit Service Issues